May 19 Coffee Church Highlights

Some Sundays are so funny, it’s hard to describe!  It’s those Sundays where everything is breaking, falling apart or lighting on fire.  Those are the Sundays that you smile and remember that Jesus is still in the room, so everything else is irrelevant.  We had that Sunday this week!

My two favorite moments were when one projector at Hazel Dell exploded before service and a hazy, blue smoke filtered through the ceiling.  As Chris Harold said, “I think it’s dead.”  Yeah.  It’s dead.  Then only 30 minutes later the preaching opener video played upside down and backward for no reason.  Really?  How do you do that???

On a positive note, we had some great ministry happen in the midst of it all.  Our “Us” series has been impactful on many levels over the last month and this week was no exception.  Both campuses had the message “Finish Together”, which was focused on the issue of marriage and divorce.  It is a tricky subject in our society, but nonetheless, one that must be addressed from a Biblical perspective.  If you missed it, you can listen online at

Jordan and Matt both had awesome cover songs this week as well!  It has been fun to watch our worship teams stretch themselves into some new genres and show us what they’ve got!  I will miss this series when it’s gone, but I bet we’ll come up with a new, creative idea for the next series.  We serve a creative God, so there is never a shortage of new ideas.

We are praying for those impacted by the tornado in Oklahoma.  It is epically devastating and difficult to process.  If you’d like to give to tornado relief, we support Convoy of Hope as a church.  You can give online at

Small Groups opened for registration on Sunday.  We have some great groups that are designed especially for you to make some good friends!  You can register online at  Thanks for being a part of our community!

I love where North Creek Church is heading!  This is such an amazing adventure that we are all blessed to be a part of.  I feel like our greatest days are yet to come and He will use our ministry in incredible ways in our future.  We are loving multisite, loving our addition of Battle Ground, and loving our team.  We are humbled and blessed.  He is so worthy of our praise for all that He pours out on our lives.  Don’t lose focus on that in your own world!

If you’d like to give to our “Projectors-That-Aren’t-On-Fire” Fund, we’d appreciate it.  We will use this opportunity to trade out our back projector (which is the wrong resolution), which means upgrading the projectors adds $1000 to our monthly budget.  On that note, did you know that our giving drops every summer?  It’s a challenge for most churches.  Since we don’t stop ministry during the summer, we would love for you to make a commitment to give even when you’re gone.  We have great online giving tools on our website that you can use when you’re off to the beach and camping!  We appreciate your faithfulness!

Let’s go change the world.  Be blessed!

  1. Paul Walterman said:


    Love your blogs. I’d love for you to write the blog for my church (if I only had one!) Be blessed and hug those cute girls and hunk of a husband for Joanie and I.

    • Thanks, Paul! Move to Vancouver! We pay in coffee, but other than that, it would be AWESOME!!!!

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