May 4 Coffee Church Highlights

Such a wonderful weekend as we gathered together to honor Jesus! We finished the Comeback series this week, but we never really finish telling people that it’s not too late to comeback to Jesus.

In fact, two people gave their lives to Jesus this weekend.  Nothing better than that!

Chris Harold preached through some intense toothache pain at Hazel Dell.  I was formulating Plan B if he passed out.  Thankfully we ended the series without incident!

Did you know that our Youth Ministries are ROCKING it???  Battle Ground took off like wildfire and Hazel Dell continues to set the tone for leadership and changed lives.  We love teenagers and look forward to watching God use our youth to change our community.

The deaf church had amazing time on their missions trip to Mexico last week.  Pastor Jim brought us back candy that tasted like peanut butter chalk.  It’s his favorite candy, so I’m not sure what that says about him…  He said the best part of the Mexico trip was being part of people’s comeback story!

We also had our Network’s Conference last week and enjoyed seeing a lot of our pastor friends.  We also heard some incredible messages.  George Wood, our national leader, preached one of my all-time favorite messages.  It was simply the stories of some of our missionaries from decades ago.  Many of them died never knowing the full impact of their ministries.  It reminded me that God is doing a deep work that I may never be able to see or understand until Heaven.  Keep going!!!

We need more volunteers!  Our kid’s classes are about to pop and we need assistants.  If kid’s aren’t your thing, maybe Kid’s Checkin is more up your alley?  It’s a great way to bless the children’s ministry without actually working with kids.  You can sign up to volunteer at  We would love to have you involved and it’s a fabulous way to get to know people.

We are working on small groups for the summer.  We still need leaders!  It’s a fun semester to jump in because summer is shorter and more informal.  If you are interested, email Kari at for more information.

We have an incredible series coming up called My Greatest Investment.  We only have one life, each with 24 hour-filled days, but there are keys places to put our time that will reap great fruit.  Join us for the next four weeks as we dive in!

P.S.  It’s Mother’s Day next Sunday.  Take your mom to church!

Whew!  Always a boatload of stuff going on! I hope you are full of joy and peace.  Be blessed!

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