May 9 Highlights

It was Mother’s Day at North Creek! I was scheduled to speak, but with the flu all week, I gave that task to Mark. It was nice to be able to relax a little on my special day and Mark did a great job!

I really love the moms at our church! They are some of the women I respect most in the world and I am so honored to be alongside them as I parent my own children.

Pete and Rachel Torres gave birth this week to Grayson Matthieu. Congrats on a beautiful little boy to add to your family! We are very excited to watch him grow up!

Pastor Kim’s projector broke on Sunday morning so she had to re-create her teaching time at the last minute. Ironically, my daughter, Delaney, told me it was one of her favorite classes! Way to go, Kim!

I got a cute little craft from both Kennedy and Delaney on Sunday morning. Nothing like some paper and glue to make a mom’s heart melt!

We had a wonderful lunch at the Olive Garden. Love that place! Then we went and took my inlaws to the train station for a trip to North Dakota.

This week is all about getting some things figured out for the future of North Creek. A lot of thinking, praying, and research is going into the next step. What’s best? How do we get there the most effeciently? Who do we need doing what to make the leap from where we are to where we need to be? Lots of questions and we’re praying that God would begin to give us some of the answers!

I have also been praying for Steve and Vikki Jensen. (They are a Christian family in our community, not associated with our church, but connected to several of our members.) They lost their son, Luke, to leukemia last week. He was a beautiful nine year old boy who loved Jesus through a very difficult trial! I only hope to instill that kind of love in my own children for their Savior. My prayer is that God would give them strength and peace that surpasses all understanding.

I hope that you are abundantly blessed this week as well! No matter what you are facing, God is our source. See you soon!

  1. Donna Hays said:

    Thanks Stacy! You are a great leader and a wonderful mom. Luke’s service was today, it was beautiful, sad, and convicting. His grandfather passed away two days ago but because he was here for the funeral the whole family was able to say goodbye. Jesus took Luke and his grandfather both to heaven the same week. Amazing. I hope we continue to grow and have hearts of the Jensen family, it was truely awe inspiring.

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