Ministry is a Great Life

I love what we get to do for a living. I love the people we work with, I love the staff that leads alongside of us, and I love the stories of changed lives. I love going to church and I love serving Jesus. I love watching people change and grow. I love watching myself change and grow.

I love what ministry has done for my kids. They have been serving in the church since they could walk. They will never know a life without a direct connection between their service and changed hearts. And I’m not convinced that ministry and family time are on opposite sides of the spectrum. I think they are intertwined. It’s not a burden to be at the church…unless no one is being changed. I love that they ask me all of the time if they can go to church and be with their friends.

I even love it when it’s hard. That’s when I grow the most and I love to grow. Ministry being hard and ministry being a burden are not connected. Marriage is hard sometimes too, but I would never complain about how awful it is to be married. Ministry being hard sometimes is part of the blessing of working with messy people who need a saving God.

Ministry is not a sacrifice for me. On the contrary, it would be a sacrifice to take this opportunity out of my life. (Don’t get me wrong, I don’t worship ministry, but I’ve only got about 400 words per blog, so you’ll have to read more about the One I worship later.)

I love this life and I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

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