Mixed Emotions

Not gonna lie…I’m an emotional mess. It’s SO good to be home and to hug my husband and kids, but there are just a myriad of emotions and feelings. I keep having moments of mini-breakdowns. As I was brushing Delaney’s teeth last night I wondered, “Who brushes all of their teeth at night?” And the tears began to flow…

It’s a bit daunting to deal with the emails and the responsibilities of life here in America. It’s shocking to step back into the reality of responsibility. I find myself easing in rather than jumping in.

I now understand why God specifically calls us to the widows and the orphans. It keeps everything in perspective when you deal with people who have faced tragedy and are making it through. Every child I touched I prayed over. I called out for their futures, their dreams and their potential. The only word that describes it is overwhelming. I take great comfort in the fact that God weeps over His children far more than I ever will.

And I will go back. I can’t wait to drive through those gates again to give hugs to those familiar kids and bring prayers for the ones I have yet to meet. I hope to bring even more people to experience El Sauzal. There are 35 little people that I would love for you to meet and so many hugs to give and work to do.

Just be prepared to leave a part of your heart in Mexico.

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