Moving Right Along

This morning we helped a family move in to their apartment from half way across the country.  They are new to our community and would have had a big job ahead of them without a little help from North Creek.  They also have dinner arriving from another small group tonight, as well as a welcome basket from yet another small group.  

Sometimes it’s easy to think that the best ministry is done on a large scale outreach.  While that is equally as important, it is also good to remember that a single act of kindness can mean the world to someone.  I didn’t know much about that family when we arrived today, but when all was said and done, I thought, “I’m really glad someone gave back to this family.”

They are the kind of people who would give everything for others.  IAnd it was really important that they know that Christ is looking out for them as well.  It was one of those timing things.  When God comes along in the midst of a circumstance and orchestrates people in such a way that they feel like God himself is saying, “I love you.” 

And that’s the joy of ministry.  It’s not always a big commitment, but it’s always a big result.  If we just look for the simple opportunities, God will use our lives in miraculous ways. 

Thank you to the small groups who took time this week to do something special for this family.  Really, from the bottom of my heart, you ministered deeply to a group of people who really need to believe that the church is an organization of God’s love and service.  You make North Creek look a lot like Jesus…

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