Black Shoes Christianity

A couple of days ago I was helping Delaney get ready for school. I asked her, “Do you want your brown shoes or your black ones?” She said, “Whatever you want to pick is fine…but it better be my brown ones.” She didn’t really want me to be in control. She wanted the brown shoes and she was just trying to sound low maintenance….she’s not. I actually thought the black shoes would be much better with her outfit, but I grabbed the brown ones and tossed them her way. It wasn’t worth fighting with her when she had already made up her mind.

I wonder if that is how we approach God. “Whatever you want for my life is fine…but it better be safe, secure, and comfortable.” The problem is that when we put stipulations on the second part of the sentence, it negates the first part of the sentence.

Somehow we need to stop talking at the “Whatever you want is fine…” part when we approach God. Usually what God wants for our lives is anything but safe, secure, or comfortable. It’s dangerous, stretching, and intimidating, but it makes us better people. It makes life worth living and it keeps us from being inward focused.

If God wants the “black shoes” for your life, put them on and run with them. Trust me…He knows what goes best with how He made you!

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  1. Katie Perron said:

    This is so true not only with God but also with life in general. What ever is not always right or good enough we should always try or strive for the best in life. :O)

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