Nov. 13/14 Highlights

What a FUN weekend! Mark and I co-preached, which is always an adventure. Our topic of the day was marriage and we dove right into the deep end with issues like sex, finances, communication…nothing was off-limits. If you weren’t able to be there this weekend, catch it online in a couple of days.

We had 226 people…yikes…It’s this funny balance between excitement and anxiety over the next step. I sure love our old bar, but we will let it go if that means impacting more people with the love of Jesus. Our next step is a monumental financial jump to either get another facility or a new facility. If you’d like to give to that, just mark your offering envelope “Facility Fund”. Here we grow!!!

I had about a dozen men tell me how great the service was today…I think it might have something to do with the fact that I told their wives to have sex with them and support them as the head of the household. That will win a man’s heart every time…

We had our first “interruption” from an inebriated person walking off the street, into our auditorium, up to the stage, and saying “I’ve got a question about Jesus.” Gotta say, in the middle of a sermon, that will throw me off! Thanks to Chris Harold for running security and taking care of the situation with grace and love. Everyone’s welcome, questions are welcome, but being inappropriate is not an option!

Thanks to Tammie for covering the Little A’s on Saturday so that I could preach with Mark!

As I mentioned in my sermon, I threw my back out and medicated myself all weekend. We had a chiropractor in the final service and he literally adjusted me in the office after service. I am in HEAVEN now. My back feels AWESOME and the pain is gone!!! If you need a great chiropractor, call Yoder Chiropractic. Thanks, Dr. Tim! I should have called him on Friday, but then the sermons might not have been so funny…

Congrats to Lifepoint Church on getting a new pastor today! We pray a blessing on your ministry!

If you have any connections to open buildings, email us at We need over 10,000 square feet and within a budget that is near miraculous…

On that same note, the youth ministry is exploding and had 85 students/staff last Thursday!

I have four little girls at my house right now. My girls and another set of sisters the same age as my kids. CUTE!!

Chris Harold is preaching next week, which is always a treat! See you then!

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