November 10 Coffee Church Highlights

It was a pretty amazing weekend!  I hope that all of our veterans had a wonderful Monday as we celebrated your service!  There are just no words to thank you enough for what you do for our families.  As Christians, we intimately understand what it means to be willing to lay down your life for a stranger….pretty awesome!

Sunday was packed at all three campuses!  Hazel Dell, Battle Ground, and Battle Ground Deaf Church were all well attended with many guests…that’s how we like it.  Everybody is welcome, no matter what your story, to come and learn about who Jesus is!

Wasn’t the Phil Stacey concert amazing?!?!?  I had a lot of fun and very much enjoyed each of the singers.  Matt Garner, Eddie Coleman, and Lee Malone might have been my favorite, though!  If you’d still like to give to Charity Water, here is the link:  Our totals from the concert will be added soon!

Take note of the All Church Business Meeting on November 17 from 5-6:00 pm at the Hazel Dell Campus.  This meeting is to give you ALL the information about the potential building purchase for the Hazel Dell Campus.  If you attend Battle Ground, this is for you as well!  We are one church that is looking to use our money to best impact those all over Clark County.

We have about 100 children on any given Sunday at North Creek Church.  And we have the best volunteers on the planet who love, serve, and teach them throughout the year.  Thank you so much for investing into the life of a child.  Want to help?  Fill out a volunteer form at

Jordan (at BG) and Matt (at HD) both knocked it out of the park with worship on Sunday.  A shout out to their teams as well!  It takes a lot of work to lead people in worship each week.  By the way, how is your worship life?  Are you taking those precious moments to turn your attention on Jesus?

Josiah preached at Battle Ground on the life of John the Baptist.  Isn’t it fun to watch Josiah preach?  He is extremely gifted in memorization and will rattle off a full chapter of the Bible in the middle of his sermon…every time!  It’s fascinating!

We also kicked off Be Present at Hazel Dell.  This one is near and dear to my heart because it is solely rooted in where our hearts really are.  We focus SO much on the fear in this world when we look at our giving and don’t put near enough focus on the power of God.  He’s going to take care of us.  It’s OK to be generous and trust Him.  This will be a great service as we head into the Christmas season.

Here’s our Christmas Schedule so you can plan ahead:

December 10 & 11 – Simply Christmas Concert/Worship Night

December 22 – Christmas Celebration Service

Hope that you have an amazing week and that you look outside of yourself this week!  Be blessed!

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