November 13 Highlights

Here is this week’s highlights from our week:

Hunter, one of our toddlers, came in saying, “Is this the Coffee Church?” I said, “Well, yes it is!” He then said, “YAY! It’s the Coffee Church! It’s the COFFEE CHURCH!!!!” Seriously, we start them young around here!

Another lady came and told me she’s pregnant…that makes eight currently expecting and I happen to know that we have three babies due in the same week, but they are all a secret for now! And if you ask me who it is, I’ll say no everytime…

I happen to have had a splitting headache all Sunday. Really had the urge to bang my head against a wall all day to help…not good…

On another note, the price of the building we want dropped a half of a million dollars this week. Now we only need $2 million. Sooner than later would be awesome! We need seats!!!!

I’ve been thinking this week the supernatural element of God is often ignored because we don’t understand it. We have to come to terms with our beliefs on a holistic level. God is not just out to mold and shape our character. He’s also out to use our lives to display His miraculous side. Think about it!

The teenagers have their youth-led worship night tonight. SUPER proud of the hard work they put into this and so excited to watch them learn about ministry and leadership in the midst of it all!

We are grateful for a church that makes ministry a joy! We are constantly flooded with great emails, stories of changed lives, and blessings. It makes us work harder and love deeper!

I feel like God is at work on our behalf as a church. I’ve felt this way for six months and I cannot shake the feeling! When God moves, things change. Get ready and trust God!!!!

On that note, I hope that you are choosing to find the blessings in your life! Have a great week!

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