November 19 Coffee Church Highlights

Happy Thanksgiving week!  I am MOST thankful for Jesus who walks with us through thick and thin.  We serve a good God!

I’m jumping back into blogging because there are just too many great things happening at North Creek and this is an excellent way to keep you updated on daily life as well as our building progress.  It’s been a slow start on the building as it just takes time to work with architects, engineers, and the county to make sure the building plans are headed in the best direction.  The great news is that you will begin to see things happening any day as the back roof gets rebuilt.  Currently it is raining inside the building, so we are pretty excited about that!

For those of you jumping into the story, we are presently doing church at Prairie High School as we renovate one of the ugliest buildings in Vancouver into a really great venue for our church.  The building is just shy of 100 years old and has a few too many layers of previous renovations on it.  The bones of our building are excellent, so we are basically stripping back the layers and keeping it simple on the layout.  The two buildings together will provide 15,000 square feet of space that perfectly house our hearing service, our deaf service, the kids ministry and OFFICE SPACE!!!! We are very excited about office space as it’s always the thing we denied ourselves in order to accommodate kids.  We’ve got our priorities in line, however this time around we get BOTH!

We are working on a website right now that will house the plans, any updates, and a giving site where you can help us purchase items we will need for ministry inside the building.  We will also be letting you know how to be involved in everything from construction to painting to moving in!  We are making a play to be in by Easter 2018, which will be incredible!

In other news, our small groups are wrapping up for the year and have been finding ways to bless people.  If you are not in a small group, but would like to take groceries to people as a way to give back this holiday season, I always have a list of those who may need a boost right now.  Email me at and I’ll let you know who you can bless!  I almost always have a family that may be facing a crisis, so this offer applies throughout the year!

Interested in being on the worship team?  Matt would love to begin the process to get you in on the rotation, so go to and fill out the volunteer sign up to get started.

Thank you to all of you who volunteer!  We have the BEST people at North Creek who serve faithfully in so many areas.  I am constantly astounded at the heart of our volunteers.

Also, it’s not too late to sign up to go to Puerto Rico in July for a missions trip…but it’s almost too late, so email me asap to let me know you are thinking about it.  This will be a very important trip for a community that desperately needs help!

Mark and I are also going on a trip to Israel in January.  On this trip we will be learning how to facilitate and lead a group of our own, so begin planning now for an upcoming trip to the Holy Lands!  I have no doubt this will be life changing and I look forward to the possibility of taking a team in the future.

Well, I hope this week is filled with good food and good friends!  I am thankful for each of you in my life and the joy that being part of this church is to my family.  Happy Thanksgiving!




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  1. David Harrison said:

    Thrilled to see how God is blessing your church plant! Blessings to you and your people!

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