November 20 Highlights

Such a fun weekend!

Mark and I got all dressed up on Saturday night to celebrate LeeAnn’s 50th Birthday! It was a great evening!

Also, Happy Birthday to Josh and Scott on the worship team, Shawn on the board, and Gabe one of our staff kids! It was a hot weekend for celebrating.

Church was good! Mark preached on applying what we learn to our lives. So often we hear what we need to do in order to have a more fulfilling life, but where we falter is actually DOING it! I believe the line between success and failure lies solely in the application.

I think one of the keys to a healthy church is creating an environment where people who disagree with the gospel will be able to sit in church and feel comfortable…not necessarily with the Bible’s content, because that should make us all a little uncomfortable, but with the way it’s presented and dealt with. Jesus wasn’t offensive to those who disagreed with his mission by their lifestyle. He was only offensive to religious leaders who thought they were better than other people.

I helped out in the 9:30 am service with KidCity and really enjoyed my time hanging with kids. They were learning about how God used David in spite of his shortcomings. Great message!

My computer died a miserable death on Saturday night. Seriously, I’ve been functioning without a computer for days now. If you think I’m ignoring your emails, it’s because I am. I can’t take this much longer!!!!

I just want to impact the world for Christ. I want to always see God’s amazing ability to change people’s lives at work around me. It’s incredible to be a Christian and I never want to lose sight of our mission and purpose.

Our new kid’s checkin system is in the mail! YAY! It’s touch screen and will make our processes and functionality much smoother. Rachael might be the only person more excited than me!

We have a new North Creek Fan Page on Facebook. Click to like our page. We’ll transition from our previous page (that was set up as a person) to our new page over the next few weeks. Thanks for LIKING us!

Have a BLESSED Thanksgiving!

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