November 20/21 Highlights

Busy weekend!!! Once again we were well over the 200 mark and the snow didn’t start until after church was out, so thank you, God!

Chris Harold preached this morning on a difficult subject…parenting. He has a four year old and a newborn. I joked with Mark that we gave our least “experienced” staff member the parenting topic, but he said, “Well, the rest of us have had too much time to mess things up and he’s still got it together.” HA! There’s a lot of truth to that. When your kids are old enough to start talking back to you, all of your parenting knowledge goes out the window and is replaced by shock and frustration! What a great reminder that we’ve got to keep it together and lead our kids towards Jesus!

We have more babies than I can count in our church…I was briefly alone with 3 babies and was so thankful for two more workers who were more than thrilled to hold a baby…or two! It will be fun to watch them all grow up together.

Our friends, Corey and Julie Sublett, came to visit. I went to college with Julie at Northwest, so we go WAY back! It’s so fun to talk and share with people who have the same heart for ministry and changing a generation. I could tell the stories of North Creek for hours and never get bored. Thanks, Corey and Julie, for spending the weekend with us! Be careful…we are very addicting! And it’s not just the coffee…

I love when dad’s bring their families to church even when mom is out of town. You are the heroes in our church, Dads!

We had three Phoenix University students on Saturday night who chose us to “study” for their World Religions class. They will report about our church to their class, which would be such a hilarious presentation… “So, we walked into a bar…”

I hope that you have a wonderful Thanksgiving and are blessed with family, friends, and the presence of God.

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