November 27 Highlights

What a weekend! I had food poisoning on Saturday night, so Sunday morning was a bit difficult on NO sleep! Feeling much better after a nap and a good nights rest last night. Back to normal!

Speaking of back to normal…I have entered the world of people with functioning computers once again. I actually checked my email this morning on MY computer and other than having 350 emails to go through, I’m pretty excited.

When my computer goes down, so does the church…the bulletins didn’t get printed, the December volunteer schedule is late, and people’s emails went ignored for a week. Good news – this week we will be back in the swing of things and fully functioning. And yes, I have learned a valuable lesson about having key documents in multiple locations.

To whomever dropped the gift off on our doorstep last night: First of all, you scared Mark out of his mind…super funny! And thank you! We are blessed and look forward to being a blessing in return. We are very appreciative of our church family and we really feel like the most spoiled pastors in the world.

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! We had a good week and I was sad to drag the kids out of bed and shove them on a bus again. Nothing better than long mornings in jammies with my two adorable little angels.

Church was nice yesterday! A little lower key on a holiday weekend, but still great to see our friends and family. We had several new volunteers who started serving yesterday, which is my favorite thing! Thanks to Jessica, Eddie, and Tiffany who all joined us in the fun!

Every holiday season we put out specific ways to give to those in need. Below are our suggestions for this year. Please take note that our Sarah J. Anderson Outreach is due this Sunday and we’d LOVE to bless them abundantly. If you are short on time, just write a check, drop it in the Giving Box marked Sarah J. Anderson and we will buy the items needed. Thank you for your generosity to those inside and outside of our church!

Holiday Giving/Serving Suggestions:

1. Community and Family Resources Help for Sarah J. Anderson Elementary

The following are some ways in which they could use your help:
1) Toy donations and gift wrap for their holiday store for struggling families
2) Gift certificates for food baskets and/or toys during the holidays
3 )Snacks for their night school program, i.e. crackers, fruit snacks
4 )New or slightly used children’s coats, shoes, and clothing for the winter months
5) Volunteers for the lunch buddy program, which is a 45-minute per week commitment to having lunch at school with a student

If you chose to gather items, you need to have items collected and brought to the church by Dec 5th. There will be a tub in the foyer that you can leave your donations in.

2. Winter Hospitality Overflow Homeless Shelter

WHO is a needed and welcome resource for many in our community who need a warm and safe place to sleep. They are looking for Individual Volunteers who would volunteer shifts. As of now they have a great need for individual volunteers for the following dates: Dec 12-24. The shift times are 6-10:00 pm, 10:00-2:00 am, 2-6:00 am and 6:00-8:30 am. If you are interested in any of the above volunteer opportunities please contact the WHO Coordinator, Kevin Hiebert at 360-699-5106 x 103 or

3. North Creek Benevolence Fund

You can help single moms, those out of work, and those in need who call the Coffee Church home! We have several families who need financial assistance at various time throughout the year. You can help by simply writing a check marked Benevolence on our giving envelopes so that we can distribute the funds as needed. You can also let us know of needs within our church by emailing so that we can help where we can.

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