November 29 Coffee Church Highlights

God is good!  When the world is upside down, He is still our firm foundation.  He’s our rock.  He’s our peace.  He’s our hope.  If you feel anything less than that, it’s because you set your eyes on the wrong thing.  Turn your eyes to Jesus and watch Him change your perspective.

On that note, are you enjoying our series on Gratitude?  Such a solid topic on the lens that God wants us to have in this broken world.  Join us for two more weeks of this study and invite a friend!

I got SUPER sick on Saturday night with some odd virus that made my skin hurt, but by Sunday morning, I was able to make it!  I hate missing church and do anything in my power not to miss a Sunday.  It’s a discipline that I think is lacking in our society and I encourage you to try it!  When you go to church often, you have more friendships, your kids have more fun in classes, and you hear the entirety of messages and chapters in the Bible within their context.  I hear people talk all the time about finding God outside of the walls of church, but I still fall on the side of the fence that God designed this beautiful thing called the “church” for a reason.  And it only works well when we are ALL a part of it together.

Tonight is Simply Worship!  I can’t wait for a night of praise and worship with Jesus.  I need Him desperately and I have no doubt that He will show up in my heart.  You’re invited!!!


We are looking for some key volunteers, so if you’re looking to get involved, here are some key options:

  • Trailer Pickup – Got a truck and would love to drop off a trailer at 7:00 am on a Sunday morning once a month at Prairie High School?
  • Security Team – We want some more strong people added to our team who will take one Sunday a month and walk the campus during service.  We want our environments secure and safe!
  • Hosting – We need greeters and ushers!

If you are interested in those or any of our other areas, go to and fill out a volunteer application.  Thanks so much for jumping in!

We are gearing up for a beautiful Christmas service on Sunday, December 20, so invite a friend.  It will be a wonderful pause in this busy season to honor Christ’s birth! Also, take note that we do not have service on December 27.  We take one Sunday a year off to reset for the new year!  We come back in January ready to change the world!

Two ways to give this week:

Our Kid’s Ministry is doing a sock drive for the homeless.  Bring some new, warm socks to share with those in need!

It’s our community’s Walk and Knock on Saturday.  North Creek usually does a food drive during the holidays, but without a facility this year, it makes that very heavy ministry a little more challenging.  Would you take advantage of this great charity and put out a bag of food on your porch by early Saturday morning?  If we all jump in to what our community is doing, we can make a difference!


I hope your week is full of warmth and Jesus! 😉  We love being your pastors and we look forward to the future!

Be blessed!



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