November 4 Highlights

Daylight Savings time weekend is always one of my favorites!  Everybody seems to be much more chipper with an hour of extra sleep!

Chris did an amazing job finishing off the Be Present Kickoff at Hazel Dell (you’ll see way more Be Present stuff as we head into the future!) with a sermon about giving anyway.  Let go of all of the mentalities you have about why you can’t be generous and find ways that you can.  Also, remember the local church.  We’ve talked a ton about other organizations, but remember that the church is God’s first love.  If you aren’t giving to His Church, pray about how you can!

Mark started our next series, Modern Family, over at Battle Ground.  That will be a fun one as we talk about families and grace.  Nothing is more interesting to navigate than family relationships, but they are important and worth it!

We walked a Children’s Director from another church through how we run our systems yesterday.  We think very differently about volunteers and how we can get a lot of people involved and avoid burning out.  We have the greatest mission to accomplish, so we must take care of those who are serving!  It is always a good thing to have to explain why you do things they way you do.  Thank you for coming, Debbie!

Lots of visitors through the doors this month (and every month)!  Make sure you take a minute and introduce yourself to somebody that you don’t know every Sunday!  It is literally one of the most important ways you can partner with us.

Kids classes are bursting!  It’s been fun to watch them swell with excited little faces.  We love our North Creek kids and believe in their futures!

Are you interested in getting baptized?  You can signup online at anytime.  We have a portable hot tub, so pick a date and we’ll get you dunked!

Lots of great things going on and lots of ways to be involved inside and outside the doors of North Creek.  If you’d like to volunteer on a Sunday morning, take a minute and fill out a volunteer application at  It’s a great way to get to know people and make new friends while making a difference!

Hope you are blessed this week!  We love being pastors and we love knowing you.  Thanks for making ministry a joy…




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