Oct. 23/24 Highlights

I ended up with 5 little girls at my house after church…that’s a lot of peanut butter and jelly!

Jamie and Berly Bello, our missionaries to the Dominican Republic, were guests with us this weekend. They did a great job sharing stories about what they are doing to impact the lives of teenagers across the world! Jamie is also nine months pregnant with her second boy, so I was pretty impressed that she stayed strong through three services. God really does give us the strength when we need it!

She spoke about her own infertility issues and the miracles that she has experienced in that area. I know that there are various people trying right now for children and we are praying for you! We believe that God opens wombs and fulfills dreams!

Jamie also shared about healings, and as I looked over the room at each service, I was also reminded of the deep healing that needs to be done within the lives of people who attend North Creek. We, as a staff and team, really do lift you us regularily to God and are believing for victory. It’s not just words, it’s faith!

Fun stat of the week: We have grown an average of 42 people since we began our third service. That’s a lot of great families and singles that we are enjoying getting to know and add to our team!

When Rachael Yonko is out of town there is a breakdown in the smooth functionality of our church… 🙂 We hope you had a great time away, but thank you for always coming back!

Janelle Fletcher is one of the sharpest women I know. I love and appreciate her heart to serve with a smile and a passion! She’s probably turning red as she reads this…

We took a great offering for our missionaries! What a generous church! When you write a check for missions, it helps all four of our missionary families do their jobs in other countries. I know each family personally and they are all wonderful, just like Jamie and Berly!

Nate made this comment on Facebook that I thought was really deep, “Like the missionaries said this weekend, and like Paul says in Romans…BELIEVE God. Not believe in God, or believe that there is a God. Just Believe God and His promises for us.” Such a good word for our lives. Do you believe in God AND do you believe Him? So close, but so different.

Change the world this week…

  1. Ellen Fox said:

    God touched my heart to love all children. $25 came to mind to give,I heard,No,$50. So,with peace,joy,and no fear, I wrote an extra check for $50,for missions. I know God provides,I know I don’t need extra Halloween decorations,more candybars,etc.I know there is a greater need for food,clothing,training,etc. God has blessed me with a good job,now God is giving me discernment as to where that money can accomplish HIS will.

  2. Sandy C said:

    I love you Stacy! 🙂

  3. Michelle said:

    Nate’s comment was Awesome and thought provoking.
    I loved Jamie Bello’s sermon. Most of all I enjoyed the joy she expelled while talking to our congregation, I could feel her words smiling.

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