Oct. 30/31 Highlights

It’s interesting to write highlights this week because we have a couple of families that are dealing with some crisis, which has been our main focus. We are praying for the Malone’s while there son is in the hospital. They are trying to figure out what is causing joint pain and some issues with his internal organs. Lee and Helen are on our pastoral team, so it hits us hard. We are believing God for a miraculous and quick recovery! We also have another family where the mother is going in for surgery today for thyroid cancer, so please pray for that situation as well. Sometimes, as a church, we laugh together and sometimes we cry together. It’s just part of the deal and we are honored to walk through the difficult seasons with people we love.

We started a new series this weekend where we are taking a look at our priorities. I think we want to believe that we are balanced, but when we really step back and evaluate what SIGNIFICANT things we are doing, it’s pretty minimalistic. We tend to do the urgent, not the important. The next three weeks are going to be fun!

Some of our team are leaving for a conference tomorrow. I am looking forward to the growth opportunity and to open my heart to anything God wants to show me. Conferences always seem to come when I am at my limit and I need to hear from God…and here we are again!

Every Halloween we serve coffee to the adults who are taking their kids trick or treating. It’s a nice way to say, “Here’s something warm and welcoming…just like our church!” And it’s not a bad way to spend the evening drinking coffee with everyone who walks by!

Our services this weekend were unbalanced…most of the time they are all three just about the same size lately, but this weekend was wacky. I like balance better!

I took a moment to introduce a newer couple to a brand new couple…funny thing was that when one couple turned around they all realized they were old friends! I love when God does things like that…

Lots to do and accomplish this week! Hope that you have a great one! Take some time to do something to grow yourself!

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