October 11 Coffee Church Highlights

After a very long and trying week, it was good to be in church on Sunday!  Jesus is so good…the hope of the world and the hope for our hearts.

We are adjusting very well to mobile church and have our setup down to a crazy science already.  Our environments are working great and we are enjoying some new trends happening at church.  The church is hopping by 8:45 am and people are showing up early to just drink coffee and chat in our foyer.  Our kid’s ministry has been calm and secure with plenty of room for experiencing Jesus.  We are loving the new found community happening on Sundays by our new systems.  Join us early and get to know some new friends!

We got to meet new baby Lilly on Sunday.  Congrats to Justin and Becki!  We are so excited for you as you begin a new season of your life as parents.  We are praying for your wisdom and a few good nights sleep along the way!

Isn’t worship fun in Prairie’s auditorium?  I love having a larger worship team and worshipping alongside more of you.  Here’s a secret to making your worship explode in your life on Sundays: spend time with Jesus Monday through Saturday.  Read your Bible, play some worship music, pray…I can tell who has been with Jesus throughout the week because they aren’t approaching Jesus the same way.  People who walk with Jesus regularly are just different after being in His presence.

Mark spoke on Spiritual Gifts on Sunday.  Take some time to read 1 Corinthians 12 and pray about what God has gifted you with and how He wants you to use those gifts to benefit His mission.  I am excited to watch people step out in His giftings and see the miracles that God has for His Church!

We got the sweetest gift from Carl and Susan for Pastor’s Appreciation month.  We also got some cards from kids, which is always sweet!  Thank you for taking the time to communicate your love.  It is appreciated!

We have several families who are facing grief this week.  We are praying for you and standing with you!  It is these moments that make me yearn for eternity.  I take comfort in the fact that we will all be together with Jesus at the end of this deal called life.

The Hazel Dell building has officially closed and is now Greater Faith Baptist Church.  We are praying for them and look forward to visiting in the future to see how they are doing!  As a church we are now debt free, but our budget only shifted slightly due to the rent at Prairie.  Thank you for those of you who regularly give to support North Creek, especially during this transition as we change so many aspects of our church.

claudioA year ago Mark went on a missions trip to Brazil and Argentina that changed his life.  God spoke many things to him and much of the direction shift we are currently experiencing is a result of those moments.  One of the greatest revivals in the world has been poured out in South America and we are praying that the outpouring of God somehow reaches us in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.

Last weekend Claudio Friedzon, the pastor who was a part of the beginning of this revival, had a massive outdoor service.  I attached this picture of the event so you can see what we see.  Imagine a Nation that calls upon Jesus to this magnitude!

Would you pray with us for this kind of impact in our community?  There is no other hope than Jesus for our world.  He’s it. We have to become a movement of people who stops thinking about a church that is convenient, a church that is safe, and a church that is small.

Nothing about serving Jesus is convenient, safe, or small.

Let’s change the world!




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