October 18

Church Highlights!

I have a new favorite moment in ministry. One of the teenagers brought her mom to church for the first time. She walked up to introduce me and said, “Mom, this is Stacy. She didn’t have sex until she was married.” Yep. That was my intro. Two things to keep in mind: 1. Worse things have been said about me. 2. She heard and REMEMBERED something from my message about sex and purity last Thursday. I love teenagers…

We had lots of new faces at church today. That’s good! The bad news is that we also have lots of faces at home sick, which is a BUMMER! Tis’ the season, but I don’t like it. I’m praying for each one of you and your fevers…

I really appreciate our volunteers! We run our entire organization off of the backs of volunteers. We have volunteer training tonight from 6:30-7:45 pm. It’s important that we all stay on the same page and that we are growing as leaders. Volunteering can literally make the difference in someone’s eternity and it probably doesn’t even seem like a big deal to you at the time…

Thanks to all who gave to help the teens raise money for Speed the Light. We took an offering of about $400 to help them along the way.

Fun Facts:
All of our children’s workers have background checks.
Mark and I are both licensed pastors with the Assemblies of God.
The largest check that North Creek has received from an individual at one time is $11,007. No, I do not know why the extra $7. I REALLY wish I knew why…
Our youth pastor has a master’s degree in Bible.
Our current attendance average is 145.
Marcus, our worship leader, owns a company that makes parts for pipe organs.
We have baptized 45 people since we started in Sept. 2006.
We actually like this gig. It’s fun watching people’s eternities being changed.

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