October 21 Coffee Church Highlights

It was a beautiful fall weekend! A little rain, a little sun, a little crispness to the air. Stunning!

Here’s a quick reminder about Simply Worship! If you have never been before, we encourage you to give it a try this week. It’s a great way to be with Jesus and meet some new friends.

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Church was rolling along well this weekend! Lots of people, lots of coffee, lots of talking about how we can Be Present in our families, neighborhoods, and nations.

My kids have recently started getting allowances, so therefore we have helped them navigate tithing (giving 10% of their “income”). They have taken great joy in filling out the giving envelopes and deciding how much they would like to give. On the way home my 8 yr old said, “So, where does my tithe money go to anyway?” I answered, “Well, lots of things that keep the church functioning in our community. And some of that money goes to daddy’s paycheck. When people give it means that we have a home to go to and food to eat.” Delaney thought for a moment and said, “So, I guess that means that I bought your lunch today!” Kids are far too smart…

Speaking of smart kids, Clara (also 8) helps her mom teach in Tiny Town once a month. She saw a need to keep the toddlers focused before class and set up play stations. Brilliance out of a child! It worked like a charm and all kids were blessed in the process.

UNBELIEVABLE turnout for our Blood Drive. We currently have 37 at each campus, which adds up to 24 people OVER our goal! It’s nuts! How can you still help? Be ready to walk on as a replacement for anybody who is sick or can’t make it. Watch our Facebook after church in case we have an open spot and you can jump on over to the church. We want to maximize the time we were given with every available body! Super proud of this church!

Next weekend we are actually doing a potluck. We may be the only church on the planet to never have had a potluck, so here goes! Bring something breakfast oriented to church with you and we’ll have breakfast together during the service. We really want to bless those people giving blood with a hearty meal, but we can all be blessed in the process! Plan on coming 10 minutes early to church as well. We have a lot of things going on, but the chaos will change our community!

Remember that we are having a Food Drive in conjunction with the blood drive. This is a great way to get our kids involved in giving, since they can’t give blood, yet. Go shopping with your kids and talk about what it would be like to not have enough money for food. Let’s make our kids aware of how blessed we are and how awesome it is to share those blessings.

More info to come this week as we set out to Get Dirty and Give Ridiculously! Awesome things in store for our church as we continue to pursue the mission of God. So glad that you are a part of it!

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