October 23 Highlights

Sunday came and went again! Seems like they just circle through faster and faster! Here are my highlights from the ever-interesting journey of ministry:

My friends announced their pregnancy yesterday! I hugged the new mom-to-be tight and cried with her in joy. Sometimes long roads give us rich rewards.

Worship was great! We have a team that is in love with Jesus. They happen to have talent as well, but what sets them apart is a genuine heart to serve our God. There is a depth in their spirits that comes from humility and it is worth more than gold.

Ministry is H.A.R.D. I am probably guilty of making it out to be sunshine and roses more than anyone else, but I am keenly aware that it comes at a high cost. Our team truly sacrifices, to the core of their being, on a daily basis in order to love and guide people on a Godly path. Write a note, send a gift card, reach out regularily to those in leadership.

We had some old friends visit us yesterday! Always good to see faces from the past. It’s also weird when our former students come back to us as married adults with children. It’s particularily interesting that they have aged while I have not…

We met with our structural engineer yesterday to look at the building on our property that we aren’t using. We also have an appointment with an architect this week to see what our options are wholistically for the property. Basically, we desperately need to get more kid space in order to accomodate our current auditorium space. We also need to redo the parking lot to the tune of about $30,000 just to allow people to park. Yep, it takes alot of resources for a person to park their car, sit in a chair, drink a cup of coffee, and learn about Jesus.

We took new pictures of our team at staff meeting yesterday for our upcoming web upgrade. Let me tell you this about our team: they handle the monumental task of leading people in a growing relationship with Jesus far better than getting one headshot taken against a wall.

Mark spoke on the role of the Holy Spirit in our lives yesterday. Try and sum that up in a 35 minute sermon!

I’ve heard a ton of great things from people about small groups this semester. Every group is going well and learning! Perhaps the biggest win is that many relationships are being formed in our church that wouldn’t have existed without a small group. If you’d like to be a part, new groups will start again in late January.

I’ve had a feeling in my heart lately that something big is about to happen. Do you ever get that feeling?

Have a truly blessed week!

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