October 27 Coffee Church Highlights

Such a great weekend!  It seems like October took flight and flew right by me!  Hard to believe that another month has come and gone…

We got the privilege of giving away two first time Bibles on Sunday.  One to a child and one to an adult.  I so vividly remember my first Bible and what it meant to me!  It was love at first sight!  You can sponsor a box of Bibles for $75.00.  That will provide 24 people with their first opportunity to read the Word of God.  What an honor!

We had amazing worship sets and sermons at each campus!  Love our worship team.  Love our preachers!

I have a shout out to Kari and Terrance who have been coming early to do whatever needs to be done!  They are such wonderful people and I thank God every day for bringing them through the doors!  We also have so many more people who serve behind the scenes that I am thankful for!

My mom was in town for a few days.  She is a crafting genius, so my house is covered in kid’s crafts…I have never seen so much construction paper in my life.

We had a very educational Question/Answer time for our potential new building on Sunday night.  Chris Harold made charts and diagrams…pretty cool! If you couldn’t be at that meeting, we’ll find a way to get all that info to you soon.

How can you help with the building process?  Give money.  Financial institutions base decisions about lending on the financial backing of the congregation.  (In a perfect world, they would just give us money because we are nice people, but that’s not reality!)   Also, moving has a cost to it.  We will need money for some renovation, paint, and equipment, all the while continuing to pay our staff and maintain our ministries.  If you aren’t tithing, now is a great time to start.  If you are able to give above and beyond your tithe, we would appreciate it!  If you would like to give before the month’s end, you can give online at www.coffeechurch.com.

What is the timeline for the building purchase?  We have until November 25 to make a decision with the purchase price of $575,000.

We’ve had a lot of questions lately about the Battle Ground youth ministry.  We are doing well getting a team together, but are still searching out the main leader of that ministry.  Would you pray with us for God’s perfect fit?

Small Groups are a little over half done already.  I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know a lot of new friends from our group.  We’ve been discussing personal finances, which has been so interesting.  Debt should be one of the greatest enemy in our lives!

We are having a building inspection done today on the potential new facility, so we’ll keep you posted on any concerns that may arise from that.  Also, tonight there is a walk through from 6-7:00 pm for those of you who may not have seen it, yet!  The address is 811 NE 88th Circle, Vancouver, WA 98665.

Hope you are blessed!




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