One Broken System

Delaney is going through the process of having her hearing tested. She’s failed three tests and basically has severe hearing loss in both ears. Thankfully it seems as though this problem is temporary and there’s a solution. That’s the good news!

It’s been interesting to watch how this has played out. She probably has just a tiny bit of fluid in each ear, but the result has been that she can’t hear her teacher, is struggling to follow directions, was temporarily placed in a special reading group because she couldn’t answer the questions correctly (now we know she just couldn’t hear the instructions!), and is generally considered to be “spacey” because she always seems to be in a world of her own. My intelligent daughter was on the path to learning problems because of a microscopic problem deep in her eardrum.

There’s an interesting similarity in our walk with Christ. The smallest sin can have massive repercussions. What we consider to be insignificant can actually be keeping us from our full potential. We may just be letting something slide, like gossip or complaining, but God doesn’t let that slide. He wants the problem dealt with and progress is put on hold until that is done.

We need to be SERIOUS about quickly solving problems in our spiritual life. I’m not willing to wait one day to get Delaney’s problem fixed. She’s my daughter and I’ll do WHATEVER it takes to get her healthy. What area of your life do you need to take seriously? Don’t wait. Remedy the situation, get your tongue under control, get some dicscipline in your life, whatever it is, but don’t think for a minute that it doesn’t matter.

One broken system can impact an entire body of working systems.

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