Our Dreams, Your Dreams

Mark Batterson recently said, “I think church needs to be a two-way street. When you become part of a church you become a shareholder in the corporate vision. But churches also need to help individuals identify the unique vision God has for them. Churches that do both of those things have a catalytic culture that is hard to put into words. Vision becomes contagious. We believe God has called our church to be a dream factory!”

I love that imagery. It resonates with Mark and I to the core of who we are. On Sunday we will focus on numbers, goals, strategies…it’s all important. Actually, it’s vital. I’ve been a part of both types of churches – those who are floundering and those who have a plan on how to grow people’s lives for Christ. I’d choose those with a strategy everytime.

However, what you won’t hear on Sunday is a deep heartbeat inside of us to make YOUR dreams come true. We won’t announce from the pulpit specifically, but in the middle of our bigger plans lies dozens of plans that incorporate other people’s dreams. Some who want to be pastors, some who have dreams of entrepreneurship and long to start something from scratch, some who are artists, some whose dreams are to see a spouse come to Christ…we hear them all and want nothing more than to partner with you in making them happen.

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