Reflections of a Blogger

This post will push my blog past the 20,000 views mark! That’s pretty exciting for me because that means I have had 20,000 opportunities to use words to make an impact on someone’s life! I absolutely love writing and using 500 words to draw something out of a reader has been both a joy and a challenge. Sometimes I want you to laugh, sometimes I want you to cry, and sometimes I want you to be so angry that you go out and change yourself or the world. There is power in our words and I don’t take that lightly.

A special thanks to Rachael Yonko who was the one who told me that I should write a blog and let people into the life of our church plant. It has become my outlet for sorrow, my stage for celebrating, and a record of my life that I cherish more than just about anything. If I died tomorrow, I feel as if I’ve left a picture of myself for my kids that I wouldn’t have otherwise had.

Thank you to all of you who stop by and read my thoughts now and again! I hope that you take something away that makes you a better human being. We live in a dark, cruel world and one job, as Christians, is to find ways to leave some light and grace sprinkled around. This is my way and I love doing it!

  1. I love reading the things you write about. You are my favorite Blogger of all time. You truly inspire me to be a better man. Thanks for the constant encouragement!

  2. Katie Perron said:

    I check your blog daily to see what is going to enlighten my day. :O)Keep up the amazing work of your words and thoughts.

  3. Rachael said:

    I love you! I love your blog- u challenge us , inspire us , convict us & u r so eloquent . So glad u chose to blog.

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