Sept. 18/19 Highlights

Small Groups begin this week and we are very much looking forward to watching new relationships being formed and growing in our walk with Jesus. It’s not too late to signup, but it’s time to do it now!

Grandma Dix is 91 years old and attends our church nearly every Sunday. I got to talk to her for a while in the foyer and my favorite thing that she said was, “I know that God has a plan for my life and I’m working hard to figure out what that is.” When I am in my nineties, I want to still be asking myself what new dreams God has for my life.

Mark talked about partnership this weekend. It was a much needed topic of giving your time and your money to God’s mission. We have a very strong church in volunteering and doing your part, which we are so proud of! However, many of our people aren’t giving their money in the way that God talks about in the Bible. It is true statistically for most Christians and it’s a fact that I don’t want to be true in our church! We’ve got to be generous with our money because there is a world out there that needs Jesus and that is part of God’s plan for us to meet that need!

Met a sharp young 14 year old who wants to volunteer at our church! That girl was on top of things and so responsible. It is those type of young women that I want in my girl’s lives. I want them being surrounded by GREAT teenagers who love Jesus.

I talked with a 27 year old on Saturday night that is a beautiful young, single woman. We talked about how important it to marry the right person. How do you know if it’s the right person? Tough question, but the Bible gives us some framework to go by. Begin with a man who loves Jesus and you’re off to a good start! The rest can be found in the pages of His Word…dive in to the Bible before you take the plunge into marriage!

Speaking of reading the Bible, I’m reading Judges…what about you?

I’m on a delegating mission this month. I’ve got too much on my plate and I am so excited about the people that God is bringing into my life to take some of the weight. It’s humbling to ask for help, but the funny reality is that people LOVE to be a part of something bigger than themselves…and boy, is God’s church bigger than any one person!

Next weekend is our 4 year anniversary as a church…PARTY! Plan to be there because it’s going to be FUN!

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