September 14 Coffee Church Highlights

It was a great Sunday at North Creek!

We love having people back from all of their summer vacations.  It’s like a big family reunion every weekend!  For those of you who are still finishing up your weekend getaways while the sun is still visiting us, we look forward to seeing you when the rain starts! 😉

Mark is in Brazil for a couple of weeks!  Today’s agenda said, “Visit a Leper Colony in Manaus.”  This is a strange difference from my agenda, which reads, “Clean out my pantry.”  Alas, it’s all important in the eyes of God!  Would you pray for Mark as he spends time with our missionaries and learns about how North Creek can better serve the world?  By the way, if you aren’t giving to missions every month, would you consider it?  We love giving money to people in other countries who are reaching people we would never be able to reach otherwise.

On that note, maybe this is the season to start giving in general?  I pray for a nation of Christians that are financially obedient and who truly understand God’s heart and blessing behind the mandate to tithe 10% of their income.  Statistically, people who give handle their finances better and have less debt!  If you think giving makes you poor, I challenge you to read the Bible and see what God says about that!

On another note, we dedicated baby Savannah at Hazel Dell!  We love our North Creek babies and take joy in celebrating their presence with us.  Congrats, Garners!

Josiah, Chris, and Jim all continued on with our Trueish sermon series.  I love it!  I’m a black and white person and I believe in right and wrong, so it’s fun to see what the Bible says about what is True.

Are you struggling with Bible reading?  Our fall growth groups start soon and they are all Bible studies with the book of Mark.  It’s going to be challenging, growth-producing, and eye-opening.  If you are ready to push yourselves and dive into the world of God, join a group.  Even if you’ve never read the Bible before, this is the perfect opportunity to change your life!  I’ll let you know when registration is open!

Well, God is good!  I hope you find opportunities this week to be Jesus to someone.  Buy someone’s lunch, mow a lawn, wash a car, visit a leper colony…whatever you find in front of you, devote it to God and watch Him use your efforts to change the world.

Be blessed!


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