September 29 Coffee Church Highlights

It was National Coffee Day on Sunday, which means we should probably have had a marching band or something at the Coffee Church…Do you ever wonder who gets to declare a day something?  It was nice of that person to honor my favorite drink.

On another note, we had two great sermons last weekend.  Battle Ground heard about being a part of God’s best plan to save the world, His Church.  Hazel Dell started off the Hunger series about learning to seek after righteousness.  Looking forward to more in October!

Small groups kick off all this week!  SUCH great groups of people that I am sure will enjoy getting to know each other and experience life together.  It’s going to be a good semester!  If you missed signups, we’ll open a whole new round in January.

We also made a big announcement at church about a potential move for Hazel Dell.  We have an opportunity to buy a building (811 NE 88th Circle, 98665).  They have come down significantly on the price to a point where we could buy it and have the same mortgage payment as our current rent.  We will be doing our best to get you details quickly, but we are just at the beginning of this process, so stay tuned for some times/dates for info meetings and opportunities to see in the building.  Here are some facts for you:

  • Facility has approximately 10,493 SF of space (5,252 SF on main floor, 5,241 SF upstairs).  The upstairs is not ADA (wheelchair) compliant, which it needs to be, so we need to have an architect let us know the costs of solving this issue.
  • It’s location backs up to Interstate 5 and its access is off Highway 99.  It is 16 blocks south of our current building.
  • It was renovated into a church in 2007 and contains an auditorium, office space and multiple classrooms.  The interior is in good condition, but the auditorium is smaller than we’d like.  We need to look at options to help with this issue.  The kid’s and youth space would be a significant upgrade.
  • Building sits on 1.4 acres and is zoned General Commercial (GC) with generous parking, but the parking lot is a mess.  If you are a fan of blackberry bushes, this might be your church…

Right now we are renting our current building.  Our attempts to potentially buy it have been rendered impractical when you weigh out what they would like to sell it for and the necessary renovation costs to make it appropriate for assembly use.  In light of that, we have been actively searching for a solution that would allow us to move forward in creating a building that is clean, well-maintained, and meets our needs for the next season of North Creek Hazel Dell.  As a church, we will spend the next 45-60 days deciding if this new building meets that criteria.  We covet your input at every turn.  We’ll be using this blog, facebook, and email to let you know when you see the building.

Exciting things ahead for North Creek Church!  Thanks so much for your prayers!  We love pastoring this church!




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