September 30 Coffee Church Highlights

I took a two week break from my Monday Church Highlights, but I’m back today!  September was a super busy month for some reason…I can’t quite figure out why, but I felt like I was running all month.  Hopefully October has a much smoother pace to it now that the kids are all back in their routines!

Congrats to Derek and Alison over at Battle Ground….there’s a baby on the way!  We couldn’t be more excited for you!  Someone asked me how many babies that makes in a year at our church.  I’ve lost count, but if you’d like to count, sign up to volunteer in the nursery!

Both campuses were on the political conversations yesterday at North Creek with our series Red, White, and Confused.  It’s a really fun series as we talk about how we should act, think, and speak as we navigate the political climate of our country.  I heard great comments from both campuses yesterday, which is always fun!

Hazel Dell has officially bounced back!  When we merged, we literally ripped that campus apart as we sent a large group of people to Battle Ground.  For six months we focused on rebuilding Hazel Dell while launching Battle Ground.  Yesterday our attendance was back to the same numbers we were seeing in February, but the services are much better balanced, so we don’t have such a chaotic mess at the 11:00.  We also have added enough volunteers to fill all of the gaps that people left as well.  Meanwhile, Battle Ground continues to grow with great new families and is getting stronger by the week.  God is faithful!

I am now officially addicted to a multisite church…especially with live preachers like we have.  We are seeing so many more people being used by God in ministry and I LOVE it!

Every week we have new kids in our classes and it is very hard for some of them to adjust to a new environment.  My advice to all you parents out there…drop the kids off (even if that means pushing them through the door) and let our teachers give it a shot.  Most of the time when a child realizes that mom or dad isn’t coming back they end up having a great time.  Sometimes it takes several weeks for them to fully adjust, but we are almost always able to get them comfortable and making friends within a few Sundays.  If your child is particularily upset, we always come and get you.  I had a VERY shy child and really had to work at getting her to go to class willingly.  It took a while, but I am now so glad that I was diligent to force her to go outside of her comfort zone in a safe enironment.  Hang in there, Mom and Dad, it gets easier!

Do something amazing this week!  Who can you bless, encourage, or believe in this week?  You have the power to change a life with the love of Christ!


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