September 8 Coffee Church Highlights

This week was very full of highs and lows…

First off, welcome back to school to most of our Battle Ground and Vancouver students!  We are back to making lunches, finding a pair of socks that actually match, and keeping track of homework.  It’s fun and daunting all at the same time!

Last Wednesday we had a tragedy in our community with the death of Tanner Trosko, a senior from Ridgefield High.  Some of his extended family attends our church, which always makes that kind of a loss hit home in an even more profound way.  I was so proud of our church for stepping in to provide meals and help in whatever way we could in these initial days of this situation.  We will continue to serve and pray for the days and months to come.  There are no words to sum up the horror of losing a child, but our hope is in Christ to bring peace in the midst of the nightmare.

Sunday was the end of our Platform series at Battle Ground.  Your life is the platform that God is choosing to impact the world!  How are you using your daily stuff to bring the focus back to Jesus? We also kicked off Jackpot at Hazel Dell.  We will be focusing on some of the benefits of being a part of Church!  God has a beautiful picture in mind for being a part of a Jesus-centered community.  I know there are a lot of people with a lot of scars from negative Church situations.  That being said, we need to walk through the bad stuff that comes with humanity and find the health!  God has asked us to be humble, be submissive to one another, and love one another.  I am so grateful for our people at North Creek who embrace those traits week in and week out!

Our Kindergarteners transitioned from Tiny Town to KidCity this week.  Here’s a story from Facebook I love:

Dad: So did you have sooo much fun in kid city Sydney?

Sydney: Yes, but I cried part of the time…

Dad: Why? Sydney: Cuz I won’t get to see Scott [Tiny Town Volunteer] anymore.

Thank you to Scott and all the Tiny Town workers…you make a difference!  That is exactly how I want our kids to feel about Church…Love where you’ve been and love where you are going!

Jordan lead worship at Battle Ground and Emily lead at Hazel Dell.  Aren’t we blessed by amazing leaders?  Every week I am profoundly amazed by what they bring to that stage and to my heart.

I am sure looking forward to Friday for our Vision and Volunteers night.  If you are a volunteer at North Creek and somehow missed the information, email me right away at  because we want you there!  If you haven’t RSVP’ed, take a moment and email  It’s going to be an amazing night to eat great desserts, enjoy the company and be honored for serving!  A lot of us are even dressing up, so pull out some clean pants and come to the Battle Ground campus!

I hope you have a good week!  Be blessed!

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