Share the Glory, Take the Blame

One of the ironies of a good leader is that they give all of the credit to their team (or entire organization), but when the shoes drops, they take all of the blame. It’s counterintuitive from our human nature, at best, but it’s what sets a sub-par leader apart from a great leader.

It’s much easier to say, “We’re growing because I am a good leader” than “We aren’t growing because I am a bad leader”. So often on the journey of leadership, I have seen leaders grab the best of both worlds…”We’re growing because I am a good leader” and then, when the decline begins, it turns to “We’re not growing because our people just don’t get it”. In the leadership world, a good leader gives their people all of the credit for success, but if things aren’t going well it’s completely and squarely on their shoulders. They understand that “if the people don’t get it”, that is their fault!

This may seem unfair, but if God has given you the mandate to steer the ship, this is a ultimately a more productive method. The reason is that if the blame isn’t on you, then the solution isn’t either. If it’s your fault that something isn’t succeeding, then God will give you the wisdom and the solution to lead through it…or the humility to ask for help.

Unfortunately, the same goes for parenting (until they move out and then it’s their fault!). If my kids are out of control, there’s no one else to look at other than myself. And I find that invigorating more than depressing…most days anyway! It may put the weight of blame on my shoulders, but it also puts the opportunity to change there as well.

I hope that gives you something to think about today…what would happen if you looked at the most frustrating part of your life and said, “This situation is in my life because I let it be in my life”? Hmmmm….that would start a flurry of conversations, I’m sure. Some of you right now said, “BUT….” to your computer because you are so ready to place the blame on someone else besides yourself. The problem with that is there is nowhere to go. You can’t change anybody else, so you’re just stuck until the end of time or until they just go away. If you switch the blame to yourself, you are instantly motivated to change – if not the circumstance, then at least your perspective and response! It would also make you take a look at what it would take to walk through the valley and get back to a mountaintop.

Well, that’s a lot to chew on for a Saturday. Have fun with that! It’s my two cents…take it or leave it.

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