Simply Worship

We had Simply Worship last night which is an hour just to focus on God. In this crazy world, that seems to be a forgotten time in our lives! I am thankful for the reminder that God is God and worthy to be praised! It also gives me a purposeful opporunity to pray over some of the people in our church one on one. I ask God whom He would like me to pray with and then I wait until I feel like God is prompting towards someone. That’s when I feel like God uses my life in prophetic ways to speak over His kids.

As I spent some time praying to God about the people of North Creek as a whole, it was strong on my heart that we all seek righteousness. That if we, as a church, would set aside the sin in our lives to walk in His righteousness, He would poor out His spirit on our lives in a mighty way. As I prayed, I was impressed with the idea that many of our people are in spiritual chains and honestly can’t figure out why they are not blessed. Many times that struggle is because there is a lack of obedience to the things of God. Some of you are struggling, rather than soaring, through your walk with Jesus. Some have been Christians for decades and are still dealing with the basic tenants of faith!

It is imperative that we as a church do two things: #1 Read the Bible so that we learn what is right in the eyes of God and what is wrong. #2 Do it. I want to be a part of a movement of Christians that live it out. And when we live it out, get ready. God will pour out His spirit and power in ways that you will not believe.

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