“Someday” is Going to Be Great

Pastor Kris preached at church this morning on dreaming big.  It’ll be online to listen to at www.coffeechurch.com in a couple of days.  Listen to it!  It’s a pretty amazing reminder of confidence in our God.

Kris’ request is for people to get a dream and live it out.  In her sermon she said, “Someday” is going to be great, but we’re not supposed to live for someday.  I think we are all guilty of believing in “someday” much more than we are at believing in today

Although I have personal goals, I often find that most of my goals revolve around our church.  My life and ministry are very tightly wound together!  So, I have lots of goals about what North Creek is going to become in the future and it’s easy to settle into the fact that we’ll just grow into it…someday. 

But what if it didn’t have to be that way?  What if we could wake up tomorrow and become a force to be reckoned with?  People clammering to hear about Jesus and get involved in ministry?  What if everyone in Vancouver knew the name of coffeechurch.com and associated it as a church that cares about the community?  What do we have to do to make that happen…now? 

Through a series of events that have occured throughout the last few weeks, I think God is stirring within me to go after my goals with a new vengence…both those ministry goals and my personal list.  I hope that you have goals stirring within you as well.  I’d love for you to comment on what some of your goals are.  There is power in writing them down!  Here’s three of mine:

*Have a church of at least 10,000 people

*Be on Deal or No Deal

*Go to Israel to see where Jesus was!

*Have Andy Stanley comment on my blog

I’ve got lots more, but those seem pretty significant, so I’ll leave it at that for now! Go ahead and leave a comment with a few of your dreams!

  1. Rachael said:

    I was very inspired yesterday by Kris Gray and came home and made a goals list. Like Kris I chose goals to reach by my 40th bday. I can’t believe that is less than five years away. Thank you North Creek and Kris! I am blessed every day to be a part of this church!

    GOALS to reach by my 40th B-day!!

    -Consistently Work out weekly!!
    -Learn Photoshop: Taking a class at Clark this Winter/Spring
    -Improve my photography skills exponentially!!! : Practice Practice!! I am getting a new Canon 40D
    -Scrapbook alot more than I do now!
    -Travel to another country that is not the US or Australia : Ciao!! Adios! Bon Voyage!!
    -Finish Decorating my house
    -Be the BEST Mother to Jessica Benjamin & Gabriel during these next five years and forever!
    -Be the Best Wife to my husband!
    -Help to see North Creek Grow !

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