Sometimes life just is…

A couple of weeks ago we took the girls to Baskin Robbins. Mark and Delaney started out in search of the perfect flavor, while I slowly walked by the colorful tubs with Kennedy in my arms. The rich, gooey ice cream seemed to be everywhere you looked. I quickly spotted several that tempted me…oreo, blackberry, and snickers…mmmmm! However, even as I thought that, several other options jumped out at me.

Kennedy’s wide eyes took it all in and then she made her final decision. She escorted me back down the row of options and pointed at her perfect find…vanilla. “Vanilla?” I exclaimed. “Out of all of these options, you want VANILLA?”

But my sweet little girl had grasped something really important in life that many of us miss…sometime plain and ordinary isn’t bad. We often live for the next, greater thing or live with a need for an awesome experience to consider the day successful. Even in our spiritual walk, sometimes if we haven’t “felt” or “experienced” God, we get discouraged. But what if it’s just a vanilla kind of day? Nothing is wrong with your relationship…it’s just kind of plain for the day. Nothing is bad at all.

As a matter of fact, Kennedy loved every bite of her vanilla. She enjoyed the simplicity of it; the creamy, cold, sweet treat…just for what it was. Maybe we can translate that into our walk with God and enjoy the diversity that He is. Sometimes our relationship with him is chocked full of flavors, but sometimes it’s pretty simple. Sometimes it’s vanilla. And that’s all right.


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