Yesterday my daughter, Delaney, learned how to ride a bike without training wheels! We were so proud of her and so thankful that she learned without even scrapping her knees! Here’s some good life lessons from her success:

1. Your fear of failure can hold back your kids from succeeding. You’ve gotta let go at some point, even if that means watching them fall.
2. Learning how to start and stop is just as important as the middle of the journey. Ending well can mean the difference between pain and satisfaction.
3. Running alongside of someone who is learning is good for both of you.
4. Most of the time in life, confidence is far more important than skill. Skill is eventually mastered, but without confidence, you probably won’t even try.
5. Wear a helmet, long pants and good shoes. Calculate your risk and prepare for it.

It was so much fun watching my daughter accomplish something monumental. She was so proud of herself, but I’m pretty sure her parents were even more proud. I wonder what your Heavenly Father is waiting for you to try?

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  1. Sandy Carpenter said:

    Go Delaney! Awesome pic! You can see the joy in her face! 🙂

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