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SO excited about this week at North Creek!  While the world is in chaos, one thing remains stable and trustworthy…the TRUE LOVE of Jesus.  That is our message and that is our mission in spite of all that seems to be happening around us!

With that in mind, we have two “Don’t Miss This” events this weekend that you can be a part of…


First, we are heading towards Good Friday where we will be baptizing a dozen people!  I can’t think of a better way to honor the death of our Savior than by watching people stand for faith in the forgiveness of their sins.  It will be POWERFUL!  Join us as we worship, take communion, and experience baptisms in our service.  We have two people from our deaf church being baptized, so our service will be ASL interpreted.  Also, kids under 5 will have childcare provided.  Older kids will love the service!  Get to the Link Church building early as we expect a full house.


Then we get to celebrate Jesus’ resurrection on Easter Sunday at Prairie High School.  We will have a treat for all the kids, incredible music, and the life-changing message of our RISEN savior. Service starts at 10:00 am, but coffee is hot at 9:30 am, so come early!  We are also taking a special offering for to make a difference around the world for people who desperately need life-giving clean water.  If you are unable to be with us this Sunday, you can give online under BePresent at  It is going to be a truly beautiful morning to share with family and friends.

I look forward to seeing you this weekend!  Be praying as we know that God is in the business of changing lives!  See you soon.



Thank you to all of the men and women who serve our country!  We set aside this weekend to honor those that have given their lives for our freedom.  I hope you spent time with friends/family and appreciated those relationships.

North Creek was blessed with another baby today!  Congrats to Alex and Lindsey on the birth of their daughter!

Over at Battle Ground on Sunday, missionary Matt Mann from Botswana, came to visit.  He preached a great sermon and it was such an honor to have him!  Would you consider making a monthly pledge to missions?  You can mark your giving as Be Present and it will go to support their work all over the world.

At Hazel Dell and the Deaf Church they both had messages about marriage.  So fun!  It was a great message, even for our singles.  Mark told the story of him climbing a tree to win my love…it worked!

We had our leadership team over for a BBQ on Sunday.  There is such joy in my heart as I watch that group interact!  Our team is made up of most of the original leadership team that began North Creek and the new team members that we have added along the way.  I watched some of the teenagers jumping on the trampoline and took a moment to smile inside…they were the same boys who had their first North Creek Kid’s Church in my backyard 8 years ago before we officially launched.  They were toddlers back then and now they are leading, serving, and still friends after all this time.

On that note, if you want to truly love a church…stay there.  Longevity and loving people even when they fail you is the key to joy and happiness.  There is no one on our team that hasn’t failed me and there is no one I haven’t failed.  Yet we have two things binding us together…commitment and forgiveness.  I love those people regardless of their performance and they give me the same gift.  Try it.  You’ll be amazed at what God will teach you if you don’t abandon people when things aren’t perfect.

Speaking of perfect, thank you to all of the people who have helped us keep our campuses looking great!  We have people who do yardwork, maintenance, and cleaning…it is an amazing blessing and everything looks AMAZING!  If you’d like to jump into one of those teams, email Kim at

Also, we are looking for more nursery and Tiny Town assistants at both campuses.  This is an awesome opportunity for our teenagers as well!  We just ask you to serve one Sunday a month.  And both of our nurseries have a live feed to the main service, so you can watch while you rock!

Have a great week!  Be blessed!

THANK YOU to everyone who worked so hard to make this weekend happen!  It was a mad dash to the finish, but Hazel Dell was up and running in their new facility!  It was smooth as butter all morning with very minimal adjustments here and there.  It was almost like we had been there for years…

Meanwhile at Battle Ground, both the hearing church and the deaf church had a great service to start the year.  We are so excited for what is in store for us in 2014!  We plan to take some of the creative design elements that we implemented into Hazel Dell and update BG next.  Can’t wait!

We have been seeing lots of new guests walk through our doors at all of our campuses, so make sure you meet someone you don’t know every weekend.  It’s the magic of North Creek that we have people who really care when families walk through the door on a Sunday.  We appreciate your hearts!

Our youth ministry had a wonderful start to their new home in Hazel Dell on Thursday, too.  They were just shy of 100 people in the building and it was awesome to see a packed house!  We love our teenagers!  If you are looking for a way to serve in that arena, email Kris at  She needs everything from small group leaders to people who will come and watch the doors on a Thursday.  Grab a book, grab a chair, and serve our teenagers!

Also, if you are interested in running media, we could use a few more people at both campuses in that ministry.  You can sign up to volunteer at

My highlight story is that my daughter got to give a Bible to one of her friends this weekend.  The Word of God is HOPE, LIFE, and WISDOM!  The gift of a Bible is the gift of understanding God.

I want to say a special thank you to those of you who financially give to our church.  NOTHING we do is possible without the funds to do it and we don’t take it lightly when you give your hard earned money to our church.  We added $1500 to our monthly budget with the purchase of the building, but we trust that we will continue without issues because of the number of people who have jumped in to make it happen.

Here are just a couple of pictures of some of the Hazel Dell foyer space.  I should have taken pictures of the Kid’s rooms, because they are OFF THE HOOK!  They are an unbelievable blessing as North Creek is a kid-heavy church.  They have PLENTY of room to play, learn, and grow in their church!



I hope you have a really amazing beginning of this new year!  It is starting off with a bang at North Creek and it will only get more exciting as we continue to trust in Jesus to guide us, provide for us, and show up in lives in miraculous ways.  Here we go!

Be blessed!


Well, we bought a building this week!  Hazel Dell will officially be moving facilities on January 5, 2014 and having our first service in our new place on January 12.  That was fast!  We look forward to new opportunities and a bit of stability for our Vancouver campus.  More information coming SOON about how you can be a part!

On another note, Sunday was great.  It is a holiday weekend, which is always a little slower than usual.  Everybody seems to roll in the door having had too much food, too many guests, and too little sleep.  Nonetheless, we pour the coffee and enjoy the company!

I hope that you had an amazing Thanksgiving and took time out to express your gratitude for all that God has blessed you with.  We headed to Olympia to spend time with Mark’s family and then took a day off on Friday and just enjoyed down time with our kids.  It was the BEST day ever according to Kennedy!

20131201_110041We had two miracle babies who got to meet each other yesterday.  Little Josiah, on the right, got dedicated as well!  Both were products of prayer and are such incredible blessings in our midst.  Congrats to all of those tired parents….

The Christmas decorations are up at both campuses and we are ready to go with our JOY series in a couple of weeks.  Invite a friend to join you for Christmas.

Also, join us for Simply Christmas Worship Concert on December 17 at Hazel Dell or December 18 at Battle Ground.  It will be a beautiful night to honor our Savior for His birth.

Want to help with the building?  We will be rolling out some times/dates for you to come and paint, demolish, reconstruct, and organize over the next few days.  Stay tuned to email and facebook.  If you would like to come by and just see the place, we’ll be there on Wednesday from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm and you are welcome to stop by!

We have people walk through the door every Sunday that need a touch from Jesus so desperately.  You just never know the story of the person you might be sitting by.  Thank you for being a church that loves all people like eternity depends on it!  I often look around and am in awe of the magnitude of what people are going through.  Jesus can and does work in all situations to His glory!

Battle Ground got fresh lines in the parking lot, which looks SO sharp!  It should be a nice asset in helping to efficiently park everybody as well.  Sometimes it’s the little things that matter! 🙂

Well, we have a fun week ahead of us as we head into the Christmas season and a building renovation.  I can’t wait to see it all come together.  Here we go!

Be blessed!


This weekend was non-stop fun at North Creek!

We had Jeff and Angela Welk back visiting with us.  They helped us start North Creek seven years ago and played a huge role in our initial years of getting off the ground.  They will be friends of ours forever and it was so amazing to reminisce and catch up!

Chris and Mark both continued on with the Be Present series in our hearing services.  It is a lifestyle switch to be outward thinking all of the time as Christians.  Our world very often tells us to take care of ourselves first, but God has a much different agenda for our time, talent, and money.  He wants us to learn to keep an eye on others and trust Him to make sure our own needs are met.

Are you ready to get baptized?  We want to celebrate NEW LIFE in January with the new year and with a new location for Hazel Dell.  If you would like to get scheduled, you can fill out the registration form at RIGHT NOW!

Why are you still reading?  Seriously, fill out the baptism form. 🙂

We met with our friend, Jeffery Portmann yesterday who is going to be starting a church in Puyallup.  Would you commit to pray for him and his launch team as they dive into the greatest adventure of their lives?  We can’t wait to cheer them on!  Jeffery grew up in the Vancouver area and can actually remember going to the Edelweiss restaurant as a reward from his church.  In this strange twist of events, the Edelweiss will be our new church facility!

Our Tiny Town classes at both campuses are bursting at the seams!  We would love to separate the classes a bit more, which means doubling our Tiny Town volunteers.  Would you consider teaching ONE Sunday a month and making the difference in the life of a child?  We love having so many young families at our church, but that also means we need to jump in and teach the people we reach.  We happen to reach ALOT of 3 year olds…  You can sign up to volunteer at as well.

We love pastoring this church.  Our “problems” are awesome.

We are READY for the Christmas season!  Join us on December 17 or 18 for our Simply Christmas Worship Concert to honor our Savior this holiday season.  Also, invite a friend on December 22 to come to church with you and celebrate Christmas.

We had another pregnancy announcement from one of our North Creek families again this week.  Yes, that makes three pregnancies announced in three weeks.  Anyone want to join the May/June baby rush???  Did I mention we need workers in Tiny Town?…

I hope you enjoy your Thanksgiving week!  Whether you are surrounded by family and friends or going solo, know that you are loved and valuable…both to our church and to a God who created you with a plan and a purpose!

Be blessed!