November 24 Coffee Church Highlights

This weekend was non-stop fun at North Creek!

We had Jeff and Angela Welk back visiting with us.  They helped us start North Creek seven years ago and played a huge role in our initial years of getting off the ground.  They will be friends of ours forever and it was so amazing to reminisce and catch up!

Chris and Mark both continued on with the Be Present series in our hearing services.  It is a lifestyle switch to be outward thinking all of the time as Christians.  Our world very often tells us to take care of ourselves first, but God has a much different agenda for our time, talent, and money.  He wants us to learn to keep an eye on others and trust Him to make sure our own needs are met.

Are you ready to get baptized?  We want to celebrate NEW LIFE in January with the new year and with a new location for Hazel Dell.  If you would like to get scheduled, you can fill out the registration form at RIGHT NOW!

Why are you still reading?  Seriously, fill out the baptism form. 🙂

We met with our friend, Jeffery Portmann yesterday who is going to be starting a church in Puyallup.  Would you commit to pray for him and his launch team as they dive into the greatest adventure of their lives?  We can’t wait to cheer them on!  Jeffery grew up in the Vancouver area and can actually remember going to the Edelweiss restaurant as a reward from his church.  In this strange twist of events, the Edelweiss will be our new church facility!

Our Tiny Town classes at both campuses are bursting at the seams!  We would love to separate the classes a bit more, which means doubling our Tiny Town volunteers.  Would you consider teaching ONE Sunday a month and making the difference in the life of a child?  We love having so many young families at our church, but that also means we need to jump in and teach the people we reach.  We happen to reach ALOT of 3 year olds…  You can sign up to volunteer at as well.

We love pastoring this church.  Our “problems” are awesome.

We are READY for the Christmas season!  Join us on December 17 or 18 for our Simply Christmas Worship Concert to honor our Savior this holiday season.  Also, invite a friend on December 22 to come to church with you and celebrate Christmas.

We had another pregnancy announcement from one of our North Creek families again this week.  Yes, that makes three pregnancies announced in three weeks.  Anyone want to join the May/June baby rush???  Did I mention we need workers in Tiny Town?…

I hope you enjoy your Thanksgiving week!  Whether you are surrounded by family and friends or going solo, know that you are loved and valuable…both to our church and to a God who created you with a plan and a purpose!

Be blessed!


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