November 17 Coffee Church Highlights

Such a full week of emotional moments!  There’s always something going on at the Coffee Church!  We are blessed with a lot of life and big decisions going on around us all of the time.

BowhitneyFirst of all, congrats to Bo and Whitney who got engaged at the Battle Ground Campus where they met!  Pastor Jim and Pastor Chris got the privilege of helping to set up their special moment and capture it on camera.  We wish you the very best in your marriage!

We had our business meeting on Sunday night to discuss our potential building.  We took a poll and got a resounding YES to purchase from our congregation!  That being said, there is still time for your questions and input!  Email us at if you didn’t get a question answered or have a thought.  We have through this weekend to make our final decision and we will use every moment for prayer and processing.

We really have an amazing congregation!  Every time we make a monumental change, our church is so supportive and helpful.  We don’t take it lightly that you not only trust our leadership, but engage in the conversation and process.  It really means that the building we choose is irrelevant because our church is strong and unified.  Wherever we go, God will bless us and give us favor because we have our eyes on the mission of God!  Let’s go change the world!

I went into the Kid’s class on Sunday morning and got dragged up on stage to help lead worship.  I am apparently out of shape because I’ve got some SORE muscles this week…  Such incredible kids in our church who CLEARLY give their all in worship to Jesus!  Thank you to Kim and Vanessa for leading our kids!

LilliahnaWe also got the privilege of meeting baby Lilliahna this week!  Her parents, Mike and Alecia, welcomed her into the world on November 15.  This was a special birth for us as we have been praying for this family for over 10 years.  I can remember standing at an altar a decade ago with them praying that God would prove Himself faithful.  Little Lilliahna is a reminder that God’s timing is perfect!

We also had another couple tell us they are expecting a baby!   I’m sure you’ll find out who it is eventually… We are so blessed with about a dozen births a year in our congregation.  Anybody want to work in the nursery? 😉

If you haven’t given to Charity Water, yet, you can still give online at  It is our current Be Present initiative and we are so excited to partner with such a great organization to give water to people who desperately need it!

As we enter into the Thanksgiving Holiday, I reminisce how truly thankful I am for North Creek Church.  The lives changed, the friends made, the faith-filled stories told….those are some of the highlights of my life.  When I see Jesus face-to-face in Heaven someday, I will spend several years of eternity thanking Him for allowing this to be our story.  We love being your pastors!

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