Talented People of All Ages

You would think that if you took 30-50 people (including a fleet of children), put them in the same building with cleaning supplies, plaster, paint, and power tools, you would destroy that building in about an hour.

In this process of fixing up the future church, I would have guessed that our work would have been much more haphazard than it is turning out.  Everything is being done with excellence, right down to having those busy kids scrap gum off of the floors by the hours!  It is really beginning to look clean, crisp, and feel much less like the night club that is was and more like a church that it will be.

We have taken on monumental tasks!  We have been painting a band of color around 7000 sq ft of mulitcolored walls in order to have a crisp edge.  It is literally being done with brushes by hand about 10 feet up on the wall!  We also put over 100 pounds of plaster on the women’s bathroom walls to make them trendy and fun rather than covered in musty, dirty wallpaper.  Yesterday two brave women scrubbed the commercial sized kitchen floor on their hands and knees.  We are replacing carpet that is so compacted with dirt, it’s difficult to tell it’s original color.  A toilet came out yesterday that was cracked, over-caulked, and filthy.  Cabinets and the dance floor (!) got sanded and refinished to look clean and sharp.  The overgrown mass of bushes out front were taken back to a manageable size and the pressure washing has begun.  We have yards of barkdust coming on Wednesday to add that boost of freshness to the edges.  Grease traps were scraped and sinks were scrubbed.  Loads of trash were hauled out and mops were in full swing.  The kids gathered round as the bolts that held the ATM machines down were sawed right off the floor with a great fountain of sparks. 

And it’s all excellent work done with gratefulness to God.  It’s as if each person does their chore for the glory of God, knowing full well they may never get earthly credit for their work.  It’s been fun to watch as the people come and go to do their part.  I can never thank each person enough for their work, but I know that God’s blessing is not only on our church, but on each of their lives as well.

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