TEN YEAR Celebration Highlights


SUNDAY was a PARTY!!!!  We had such a great time celebrating ten years as a church.  Thank you for all the love, support, and laughter you have brought to the last decade of our story.  We look forward to the future!

Our older kids in K-5th joined us in the main service, which is always great.  I loved watching them worship and enjoy the service alongside their families.  We had A LOT going on, so it was easy to keep the kids focused this week.

We opened with our very own Marc Roy and his team dancing Hip Hop for us.  If your kids are interested, he teaches all kinds of classes.  You can find him on social media.  Isn’t it cool to see all of the ways that we can give glory to God?  We can’t limit our praise, so give Him WHATEVER you’ve got!

I think that Heaven is going to be OFF THE CHARTS in worship.  I think there will be times of shouting, dancing, playing instruments, art, prayerfully bowing, silence…all sorts of ways to give Him honor.  But one thing will be true…every action will be done with 100% of who we are.  Make sure that is true in your daily life now.  Are you worshiping Him with it ALL?

Mark and I co-preached on Sunday about the Ten Things That Have Anchored Us.  It was FUN!  You can watch the whole sermon here: NC VIMEO  (Video is uploading, check back soon!)  It includes a video about Nate and Jessica Johnson, Nick and Maria Ortiz, a cameo from Troy Jones, a video highlighting all 180 baptisms, and we even gave out a Starbucks card to all the adults and teenagers!  You’ll see that we edited out the highlight video of one of our missionaries.  She is in a highly sensitive country, so we will not be posting anything online that puts her safety in jeopardy.  You can still give to BePresent via our Pushpay app if you’d like to support missions!

We also had the Deaf Church in with us, which I loved.  Jim and James took turns interpreting and deserve an award.  We had so much going on and they were rockstars at keeping up with it all.

We also had a photo booth (see North Creek  – The Coffee Church) with some birthday decorations to get festive!

And THEN we ended the service by dropping 500 balloons graciously blown up by our teenagers.  They will be lightheaded for weeks…

Mark and I were also surprised by our team as they honored us for leading for 10 years.  Thank you so much for that!  Truly, we have the BEST team I could imagine and they deserve the credit.  We wouldn’t want to go on this journey alone!

So, what’s next?  Continuing to live for Him with complete abandon.  No fear, all faith, endless possibilities!  Join us on the adventure!



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