The Deaf Shall Hear!

A couple of days ago my daughter Delaney had surgery on her ears. She’s been unable to hear very much for the last ten months since a sickness caused a blockage. This particularily became a problem when she began Kindergarten and was struggling to understand directions, etc.

I am very thankful that in a matter a minutes Dr. Sheppart was able to create a new world for my child to live in. What was once a lot like living life with ear plugs is now open to all of the sounds that we take for granted. The next morning Delaney jumped up on my bed and began to sing, “La, La, La, La.” When I asked her what she was doing, she said, “Mommy, I can hear my voice when I sing.” What a gift!

So, thanks be to God for healing my daughter. He may have used a doctor and a bunch of nurses in the process, but it’s still all glory to God. God’s hand is in it all and I was never so glad about that fact as when they wheeled her away to surgery. No matter what happened at that point, God is still God and it was going to be OK. It’s that peace that surpasses all understanding and I’m appreciative that it is tucked deep into my heart.

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