The Word “Limitation” is Not in God’s Dictionary

Mark and I have been on a very interesting journey lately and I’ll let you in on some of it. Long story short, our current building is too small for our vision (although it might be the coolest place on the planet!). And the reality is that moving to a new location is a long term event and we are not going to fit where were at for much longer. We’ve got to get going on this problem now.

So, we are. We found a building we want, we’ve prayed, we’ve fasted, our team has fasted (that was funny!), and we’re blazing forward with faith and determination. The twist (because isn’t there always one at the coffeechurch?) is that we don’t just want a church building. As we dreamed and talked, it because apparent to us that church buildings are often the largest buildings on the block, but also the least accessible to the general public. I pass by dozens of churches every week and I’m not going in. I have no reason to. But…what if there was a coffee shop especially designed for moms with kids? What if there was a place designed for teenagers? How about a sound studio for all you musical types? What about office space and meeting rooms that people can “rent” (for free) when they need a place to go or a study room for college students? Everything that we need for church literally doubles for public use with very little issues.

So, we’ll be rolling out the plan over the next couple of weeks, but please pray. We need a financial miracle and we believe with everything in us that we’re about to see one. We believe that walls that we’ve had in our minds about our limitations are going to disappear before our very eyes. We believe that our impact on our community is about to be multiplied exponentially. Don’t miss a moment.

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