Too Hot to Blog

Wow. We have had quite a week in the Pacific Northwest! All week we’ve had boiling weather all the way up to 107 degrees. We’ve survived on popsicles and swimming pools at our house!

Today we had a few of Delaney’s friends over to jump in the pool. They all had the best time and were as cute as can be. As we were leaving the girls all said, “Bye Pastor Mark!” One little girl, Ashleigh, piped up and said, “Bye Magic Mark!” She said she didn’t know the word for pastor, so she came up with her own…pretty fitting in my mind!

I then asked her what my name was…she looked up at me with her sweet little eyes and said, “Caffeine.” I’m not sure where she got that, but I have a sneaking suspicion that her parents have said a few things about me at home! 🙂

So, to all of you who are hot as can be…good news – the church has air conditioning! See you Sunday!

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