Top Ten Favorite North Creek Moments of 2010

In no particular order, because it’s all amazing to me:

1. Baptisms, baptisms, baptisms…can’t beat that! We got to share with 16 people this year as they were baptized.

2. Lee Malone preaching for the first time. He began a relationship with Jesus at North Creek and now he’s preaching…yep, that’s why we did all of this in the first place!

3. Painting the building…OK, the actual painting part was awful, but the finished product is much better!

4. Adding a successful Saturday night service and breaking the 200 in attendance mark…300 here we come!

5. Outreach! That’s a hard one to pin down. We don’t want to be a church that schedules big outreach events all of the time. What we want is a bunch of people who constantly look for ways to bless others and then do it in the name of Jesus. I get email after email of ways that people are finding to make a difference! That’s the Bible come to life. No fancy programs, just people giving flesh to their faith on a daily basis. Some of my favorites that I heard about: Christmas day feeding the homeless, furnishing a single mom’s house, helping SO many families move that it’s hard to count, meals for people with babies and surgeries…read the last year of my blog for so many more!

6. Staff Meetings…they are a funny place to be and it’s a window into the health of this church. We fight, we laugh, we cry, we discuss, we dream, we reminisce…and we leave loving each other more no matter what. That table is how I measure how we are doing as a church. If the stories coming out of our ministries reflect our core values, we are on the right track.

7. The Great Baby Boom of 2010…YIKES!

8. New Small Group system – We switched to a ten week semester system and saw great success in the fall of 2010! We look forward to getting the ball rolling again and seeing discipleship in action.

9. Bible Reading – we had lots of people begin 2010 by reading the New Testament in 90 days. Many people continued a new lifestyle of Bible reading throughout the year, including kids, teens, and adults!

10. First Missions Trips…one for adults and one for teenagers. From Arlington, Oregon all the way to Mexico, we got to experience the first of many trips that will leave from North Creek Church! I can safely say that everyone who went left completely changed by each experience.

I am sure I am missing a thousand things as well. It was just a great year from our nursery to our kid’s ministry to youth to adults. And I couldn’t be more ready to see all of the blessings coming our way in 2011.

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