What Has A Hold On You?

Mark and I have recently gotten the “privilege” of cleaning out our church storage area. This created a chain reaction to clean out our own STUFF. What an eye opening experience! The amount of useless items or useful items that we don’t use has been shocking…to say the least.

We are purging our lives of just about everything, but it hasn’t been an easy process of letting go. It’s like my brain knows that I don’t need these things, but there is still that “ripping off the bandaid” effect with some of those items. The reality for all of us is that we easily let unimportant things become important in our lives and the end result is frustration and confusion.

It has been quite a burden to have this project looming over our lives, so although I am in misery at every step, I want it dealt with. And the good news is that it is getting easier with every toss! I am now addicted to letting go!

We all have something in our lives that is getting in the way. It may be a literal object like we are dealing with or it may be another addiction in your life. It could be an emotional connection to a person that you shouldn’t be with…whatever you have in your life that is useless needs to go! If it isn’t making your life the BEST it can be, it’s not worth it! What a lense shift for me!

We are working hard to accomplish our goal in the next week or so. And then we will move into maintenance mode where we never allow ourselves to go back to where we were! This is not a one-time job, but a whole new life choice that we are making.

So, get onboard! Lose the weight, let go of the offense, put down the bottle, take a trip to Goodwill…but do it now.

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