So…I’ve been haunted by something for the last six months and I just felt prompted to write it on paper…ok, paper sucks. How about digital accountability?

We are going to have 300 people at our church for our three year anniversary on Sept. 27.

It’s been in my spirit and honestly, I think it’s nuts. I think it’s improbable. I think 300 people can’t fit into our building with only two services. I think my statistical mind says that’s not gonna happen. But maybe it will. Crazier things have jumped from my blog to reality…

So, if you are reading this and plan on being part of that insanity, you might want to come to the 9:00 am service. Apparently the 10:30 am will be standing room only.

  1. Jenny said:

    Would love to be there on the 27th celebrating with you! My family will be with you in spirit. 🙂

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