September 13

Great day! Here’s my highlights:

I didn’t write highlights last week, but my top one was that 5 people decided to follow Jesus in Starting Point last week! How very exciting!

On that note, we have several people who want to get baptized. We are thinking about doing the next baptism on Sept. 27 for our 3 year anniversary. Are you interested? The portable hot tub has a heater now!

We are going on a missions trip in 2010. We have about 20 people interested in being a part of that!

Rachael Yonko is now the Children’s Assimilation Pastor. She’s still overseeing Little Adventurer’s, but her main goal is to develop, staff, maintain, and lead the Children’s Check in area. We want people to get in and out in a smooth, informed way each week. We had 14 new families with kids last month who were acclimating to a new system along with their multiple children. That totals about 45 people who needed one on one attention, not to mention all of the regular families that check in children every week. She is currently in the process of pulling in new leaders and providing structure there. In the next few weeks, you’ll notice even more streamlining and new leaders.

The worship team did a great job. Chris redid some of the sound and lighting, which made things in the music department better than ever!

The stage got another projector so that we can better use our building for multi-purpose venues. We can now change out themes with the click of a button. I know some of you will miss some of the decorations, but don’t worry…we’re not planning on being less creative! We’re just going to put that creativity through new avenues.

We have a lot of people signing up for small groups. If you need to do that, go to and fill out a registration form. Grouplink is on Sept. 27. If you are interested in leading a group, either now or in the future, let me know! Small Groups is where we pray for people, love them in tangible ways, and discuss the issues in life.

All in all, life at North Creek is great! I’m loving the journey, our team, our congregation, and our hopeful future. So much has changed in the last 365 days and I am sure I will say the same thing 365 days from now!

Hi Mackenzie! 🙂

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