A Generous Generation

Below are two great videos from Craig Groeschel that I highly recommend taking the time to look at and learn from about money! He’s the pastor that has the second largest church in America – www.lifechurch.tv. We recently went to the Catalyst Conference where he spoke with Andy Stanley. One of the things that he mentioned was that he has such a generous church that they have too much money and are continously looking for ways to be more generous with their community and the world. As a church, they financially make a dent in helping the world on a regular basis in significant ways. Man! When I heard that, I thought, “I want that said about North Creek Church.”

We live in a world where some churches abuse giving and pastors drip with expensive jewelry and drive $100,000 cars. I understand the anger against that hypocrisy. I understand why people look at those examples and close their checkbooks. The problem is, when you close your checkbook to God’s work, you also close your heart to God.

My heart breaks for those of you who live with a tight grip on your money. I know it’s a part of your life that grieves you and my prayer is two-fold…that you will choose to live a generous life, and that we, as a church, will continue to parade before you changed lives that were impacted with the tools bought by your generosity.

I also apologize for all of the stupid pastors out there who malign the Word of God and forget their callings, but don’t let that make you forget yours. Rise up, Generation! Throw off every hinderance that is keeping you from changing the world!

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  1. Katie Perron said:

    Great messages. Thank-you so much for sharing. He is a great speaker.

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