Oct. 9/10 Highlights

Another weekend has come and gone…here are my highlights!

Check out the pictures below of our 2010 Summer Baby Boom. Such an incredible group of families represented in those pictures. Great moms, great dads, and now entire families dedicated to Christ. Awesome! Now, some more of you young couples get busy and let’s do it again in 2011!

We’ve gotten some great new families at our church recently. I have REALLY liked getting to know each one of them. It’s so fun to begin to watch connections that are being formed and friendships that are being made!

I worked in the nursery yesterday morning…cute babies! We got two sleeping and then one chewed up a book I was reading to him. That’s life in the nursery! We have more nursery workers than any church I’ve ever heard of, but ironically we need some more due to the influx of new arrivals. You can signup at www.coffeechurch.com by filling out a Volunteer Application.

My girls had a birthday party right after church. We went RUNNING out to make it in time and then celebrated for a couple of hours! We were officially wiped out, which is too bad because then we attended another service at Crossway Church. They launched yesterday in the same school we began in four years ago! Congrats and we wish you the best, Crossway!

I really love our team that we get to lead alongside. We laugh together all of the time, but we also argue, discuss, and debate. It’s healthy to watch everybody have a voice and negotiate their reasoning. Sometimes we agree and sometimes we disagree, but above all else, we love each other and highly respect each other’s giftings. I wouldn’t want a team that couldn’t share their thoughts and ideas. And I really wouldn’t want a team that wasn’t hilarious. It’s a room full of secure leaders who are committed to the same vision…GOLDMINE.

It’s going to be a very busy week for us. Please pray for our strength and wisdom. We are having the time of our lives, but we are also balancing a great deal and we covet your prayers. Thank you for being a very supportive and faith-filled church. WE LOVE YOU!

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